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Blake Gardner & The Farmers’ first studio album, Cricked Roots, will be available everywhere 4/5/14! Check out the first single “Life Without A Catch” ft. S.T. Cricked Roots was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Centro Cellar Studio by Wil Reeves and Tim “HeezOnFire” Hanson. Executive Producers are Blake Gardner, Tim[...]

Buy Zithromax 250 Mg Online

PSA 5: Album Announcement – #CrickedRoots Blake Gardner of Blake Gardner & The Farmers and S.T. (aka Statyk) announce the details on the first BGatF studio album #CrickedRoots. Click Here to watch Blake Gardner and S.T. perform “Call Me” from the upcoming studio album #CrickedRoots! #CrickedRoots will be available everywhere[...]